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GrandMarc Tallahassee | Summer Time is Finally Here!
Congratulations to all of our residents who graduated this semester! And we look forward to everyone that is coming back for another year with us! 

For residents that are going to be moving out over the summer or in August when the lease is up we wanted to go over the move out process.

Every resident will need to fill out a move out form before they lease. On this they will provide us with a forwarding address and our staff will check off that all keys have been turned in. Residents should return their key fob, mail key, and gate clickers. Any key that is not returned will be charged back to the resident.

You can stop by the office to grab a move out form if you are in need of one! For after hours move outs if the office is closed we can provide you with an envelope. Just stick the move out form and the keys in the envelope and you can leave it in the after hours drop box and a staff member will get it the next morning. 

Please remember that our standard move out date is August 6th by 10am. Keys must be turned in and all of your stuff must be out of the apartment at this time if you have not renewed for next year.

If you have any questions or concerns please stop by the office or contact us at (850) 222-6272!