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GrandMarc Tallahassee | September Events
Hi everyone!

Just a friendly reminder of our upcoming events for the end of September!

- We had to switch Taco Tuesday from the 12th of September to the 23rd due to the storm. So be ready to come down to the office for some grub!

- Pop into the front office on September 21st for some Popcorn! We have different toppings to add to this carnival-style popcorn!

- We will be having another Trivia Thursday happening on the 28th! Like last time, we will post what time the question will be asked, then we will post the question on both Facebook and Instagram! 

- Lastly, we will be closing out the month with DIY FSU T-shirt decorating on September 30th! Bring in a plain FSU shirt and we will have some DIY ways to make them pop! Be on the lookout for the time that will be taking place!

The events will only get better from here! In October we have some really fun ones planned! So be sure to check your GrandMarc Gazette at the end of the month to see what's going on here!