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GrandMarc Tallahassee | Leaving GrandMarc for the holiday?

Plan on leaving for Thanksgiving break? Here are some tips on how to leave your apartment over break!

-Leave your a/c on auto and set the temperature at no higher than 78 degrees.
 -The weather has changed quickly! Leave curtains open and blinds cracked. This will help with the temperature change in the apartment and allow the windows to dry out if they condensate.
-Make sure you take out all trash and leave no dirty dishes in the sink as this can attract fruit flies. (If accidentally left, a quick DIY way to get rid of them is to put apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a cup! The fruit flies will instantly be attracted to it!)
-If you have a car and are leaving it in the garage make sure it is locked and no valuables are left in plain sight.
-Check the expiration date of items in fridge, throw out or bring with you anything that may expire over break.
-Please report any maintenance issues before leaving so they can be taken care of over break.

The office will be closed on November 23rd, but we will resume normal office hours the following day. If you have any questions or concerns, please come to office before leaving for the break! 

Have a Happy Holiday break!