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GrandMarc Tallahassee | Welcome to the Grand Life!
It's the start of a new semester! We want to welcome back all of our renewals and returning residents as well as welcome our new residents to the GrandMarc family!

We have a lot of fun events planned for our new residents coming up this month! 

August 28- Relive your childhood with bagged lunches in the front office!
August 29- Taco Tuesday! Cause tacos make everything better!
August 30- Make your own ice cream sundaes to celebrate making it halfway through the first week of classes! 
August 31- Get to know your fellow neighbors, join us for a BBQ by the pool!
September 1- Come enjoy pizza with our staff and celebrate making it through the first week of classes! 

Just a few reminders for this upcoming month!

We will begin towing on September 1st. Renewals make sure you have stopped by the office to return your old clicker and get a new one along with your new decal. New Residents need to have turned in their parking forms to get their clicker and deal. 

Please make sure your green Hobkirk decal is clearly visible on your front windshield, lower left-hand corner. If there is not a decal on your car you are subject to be towed as we do roam tow. Also make sure you are parking in a numbered spot and not a spot that has reserved painted on it unless that is a reserved spot you have signed up for.

If you would like a reserved parking spot please call the office and speak with a leasing agent to get more details. 

Our staff looks forward to meeting all of our new residents! If you have any ideas for an event or if you have any questions or concerns about your apartment please stop by the office and speak with one of our staff members!

Welcome to the Grand Life!